Be an individual, not a follower. Be a leader, not a boss. Be yourself, Go Against the Current.

Who we are, who you are...

Go Against the Current™ is a lifestyle statement brand that tells others you are your own person, with your own ideas. Whether you are a parent, a husband, a wife, an athlete, or a voice in the community, you can be a leader by being yourself.

You are not a follower. You have the ability to teach, collaborate, and contribute with those around you. You have the ability to learn from others.

It’s easy to be a boss but it takes that little extra inside of you to be a leader that can be there for your partner, your child, your teammates, or your co-workers. They learn from you.

You are an individual, be proud of what you do. You make a difference every day of your life.

Be yourself…..Go Against the Current™.